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What Are Your Reading Habits?

by Christopher Gronlund on January 11, 2012

Yesterday on my personal Facebook page, I posted the video above. A very good friend replied, saying that he’s all about e-books and audio books these days, because it allows him to not be weighed down by books and lets him read/listen on the go.

The Power of E-Books

I love physical books, but I’m not against e-books and audio books; in fact, in the past two years, I’ve read more digital books than physical books.

I find myself taking in non-fiction as audio books more and more, because it’s easy to listen to while at the gym or formatting things at work. (As a technical writer, music with lyrics and podcasts can be distracting, but sometimes — if I’m formatting a lot of procedures and not writing — I can listen to something with words.)

This is the point my friend made: reading is no longer this thing we do before bed, or on lunch breaks.

  • Long line at the DMV? Pull out your phone and read.
  • Ride a train to work? You’ve probably seen more e-readers in the last couple years.
  • That kid you think is checking Facebook on her phone? She’s actually reading. (Okay, reading and checking Facebook.)
  • Long commute or road trip? Listen to a book.

E-readers were big sellers this past holiday season, and I have to think that most of the people buying and receiving an e-reader don’t leave it on the nightstand. I see them at work, at cafes, and even in restaurants.

All over the place.

So What About Physical Books?

Just because I love e-books and audiobooks (although I’m still not a big fan of fiction as audiobook — I like the way it all comes in when reading silently), it doesn’t mean there’s not room for physical books in my life.

I didn’t get an e-reader for Christmas, but I got a small pile of books I’ve been enjoying.

The Start of 2012's Reading List

For some reason, before bed at night or on a lazy afternoon on the couch, I like physical books best. With an exception: BIG books.

I recently reviewed Craig Thompson’s Habibi, which is a stunning physical book in its design — but at over 660 pages, it’s heavy and not as easy to get comfortable with as my phone or an e-reader.

Still, for certain authors, there’s just something about cracking open a book that I will always love.

What About You?

How have your reading habits changed in recent years? Do you find yourself reading more e-books on the go, like my friend, or do you still prefer to curl up in bed with a good [physical] book?

One thing’s for certain, whether you prefer digital books to physical books (or the other way around) — taking time out to read, and the habits that come with doing so, will hopefully never die.

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