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    Thank you for making these videos available. :)

    The sequential content hook works in a single novel as well. In my WIP, I have back-hooks as well as forward-hooks. Because I don’t write first drafts 100% sequentially (though I do try), going back and trying to shuffle and re-shuffle the events is very frustrating. I move one scene, which necessitates moving another scene . . and so on. I’ll probably just print the draft, and then do a cut-and-paste, and then try to match my file to my printed pages.

    Another thing you mentioned- presenting content in an original form. My WIP is a futuristic novel, and seems to call for an original writing technique. We have to be true to the spirit of our art. Thanks for giving me the final nudge. :)

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    I typically don’t write in order, either. With my first novel I did, because I used a screenplay I finished as an outline. But I’ve found that jumping around can help with foreshadowing and some other things (even if it’s a bit of a tough scramble at times).

    Your WIP definitely sounds interesting. I definitely think it’s important to stick with what moves you as a writer. I’m sure we can all do something more commercial, but it’s just a job like any other if you don’t love what you’re doing on some levels.

    Good luck with the book!

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    Thanks! I let you know when it comes out. I’ll let EVERYBODY know. lol

    Another thing- when you first posted these videos, I didn’t watch them because I thought, “sequential content”? That’s gonna be over my head with plug-ins and add-ons and self-hosted gizmos I don’t know anything about. The reason I watched them this time is you linked to them in your recent post, and I thought what the heck. Repetition works, as I’ve been learning.

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    I actually did something (kind of) sequential on my blog recently, then I thought of your presentation. And you’re right, some people clicked through to parts 2 and 3. :)


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