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I’ve mentioned before that I want to do a Juggling Writer Podcast. It’s still something I think about, but first — I wanted to finish the other podcast I was working on.

I finished that podcast last weekend.

If you’re not familiar with that podcast, I decided to podcast my firstĀ  novel, a humorous coming-of-age story about a family traveling cross country in a possessed station wagon called Hell Comes With Wood Paneled Doors. (It will remain online, if you want to listen from the beginning.)

I had a blast reading a chapter a week and getting the story out there. It was great hearing from people who loved the story and listened every week. Each week, I see that new people are finding it and making their way through the story. But the whole thing was a bigger project than I expected.

I don’t read out loud very well, so it took 5-10 hours to read, edit, and get a chapter online. It took away from time I could have been writing.

I know a Juggling Writer podcast wouldn’t be as frequent or involve as much editing time, but right now I want to get back to writing — not recording.


On Lisa Eckstein’s blog, she mentioned a great little program called SuperNotecard.

SuperNotecard is the notecard plotting software I’d write if I could program.

It’s not bogged down with so many features that it detracts from what it does very well: lets you create electronic notecards and shuffle them around.

I’ve tried the corkboard feature in Scrivener and some other programs, but something about SuperNotecard clicked with the way my mind works.

Check it out.

What Next?

Now that the podcast is done, it’s back to submitting some articles and working on the next big thing. (And getting more of my writing on Amazon and some other places.)

The freelance work I’ve been doing has dried up, so it looks like it will be back to a normal day job soon. Before that happens, I hope to have time to pitch some articles and really get started on the next novel, instead of just tinkering with ideas here and there.

Outside of some short stories and blog entries, I haven’t done any substantial new writing since July, when I finished my last novel.

It will be nice moving on to another bigger project.

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