Eating At Zombie’s

While food trucks seem to have taken many cities by storm, the Dallas/Ft. Worth area is just beginning to get a taste for the mobile goodness.

I was very happy to see Ft. Worth become the home of a vegan food truck called Zombie’s. Offering a variety of sandwiches, the buzz surrounding what the Zombie’s crew makes didn’t go unnoticed by me; in short, I couldn’t wait to give their food a try.

This weekend, the Zombie’s crew headed north, to Denton, Texas, where they fed hungry Keep Denton Beautiful volunteers. After that, they had public food service from 1-5

It would have been a travesty to miss out!

Denton Bound

While I’m probably right in the middle between Denton and Ft. Worth, the drive to Denton is more scenic, and has much less traffic. That, and my wife and I just like Denton. (She also had to drop off her fiddle with a luthier in Denton.)

So off we went!

The Food

You probably don’t care to hear more babbling…you want to see the food. So here it is:

Zombie's Food Truck.

The Hanoi Polloi Sandwich in all its glory. Seriously yummy stuff!

My wife ordered the Seoul Survivor sandwich. Both sandwiches were some of the best sammiches ever! (And the sweet potato/turnip greens mash was tasty, too!)

The door opened, and over came a Zombie bearing a FREE dessert! (How cool is that?!)

Who knew avocados could serve as the basis for a chocolate pudding? I was surprised how good it was. They did more to it than just chocolate and avocado -- it was the perfect finish to a mighty fine meal!

Leaving Denton on 377 south.