The Short, Third-Person Version

When he was younger, Christopher Gronlund wanted to be a professional juggler when he grew up
. In a way, that’s exactly what he’s become–Christopher spends his time juggling freelance writing duties with his “real job” and spending time with his wife, Cynthia Griffith.

Christopher lives near a lake in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

He blogs about juggling work, writing, and life at thejugglingwriter.com.

The Long-Winded, First-Person Version

I was born in Chicago, Illinois on May 26, 1969. Two years later, I moved to Mundelein, Illinois, a northern suburb of the city.

My parents divorced when I was five. My father remarried and moved to Olathe, Kansas–where I lived in 6th grade.

When I was twelve, I taught myself to juggle. Juggling became an obsession–I prefered it to school and it absorbed all my free time.

When I was fifteen, the company my stepfather worked for was relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We packed up and moved to Southlake, Texas.

After high school and into my early adulthood, I worked a lot of odd jobs (e.g. I was a juggling clown, I molded body parts for collectible dolls, and worked on a sprout farm). When I was twenty, I started writing seriously and changed my college major from biology to English.

My first paid writing credits were comic books. I had a good friend who was a writer, and another who was an artist; they got me hooked on the medium. While working for a small comic book company in 1992, I met an artist named Cynthia Griffith. When I found out Cynthia also juggled, I was able to overcome my shyness and talk to her. I got so comfortable talking with her, I didn’t even choke up when I asked her to be my wife!

Cynthia and I lived in Denton, Texas for a short time so I could attend the University of North Texas, but we’re currently back between Dallas and Ft. Worth.

My writing has appeared in comic books, literary journals, magazines, and newspapers (please visit the Clips page for samples). I am also an experienced technical communicator.

When not writing articles, I work on fiction. My screenplays have been considered by several major studios and advanced in the Austin Film Festival’s “Heart of the Screenplay” competition. I’m currently near completion of my third novel.

I’m not a writer who will take on every project. I respect the craft and know my strengths. If you are interested in contacting me about writing or editing for you, please e-mail: christopher (at) christophergronlund.com.

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