Some of my published writing:


“Highway Heroes” — Travel
An article about Texas roadside attractions.
Publisher: The Dallas Morning News

“An Oasis of Calm” — Travel
An article about Caddo Lake State Park
Publisher: The Dallas Morning

“The Write Trip” (Page 2/Page 3) — Writing
An article about taking a writing vacation.
Publisher: Personal Writing (Writer’s Digest)

“The Art of Jeremy Smith” (Page 2) — Interview
Interview with Xeric-grant winning cartoonist, Jeremy Smith.
Publisher: Venues Magazine

“Eat Your Way to Health: Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with Diet” — Health
An article about preventing and reversing Type 2 Diabetes with a strict vegetarian diet.


Promise (First 50 Pages — PDF File)
Promise is about a recently divorced celebrity chef who moves to a small town in northern Wisconsin right as the most hated person in town is murdered.
(As of June, 2010 – Currently seeking representation)


“Auto Schnapps”
My father wasn’t the greatest role model. When he died and family sorted his belongs, it was clear where some of his income came from
. It didn’t surprise me, though; I knew what he’d been up to since I was ten.


Old Man
Phil Johnson is a sixteen-year-old who assumes the role of an old man in an attempt to connect with his dying grandfather. After his grandfather dies, Phil slides deeper into his facade.
Old Man was considered by Warner Brothers and Castle Rock Entertainment.

Hell Comes with Wood Paneled Doors
A humorous coming of age story about a family traveling cross country in a possessed station wagon.
Hell Comes with Wood Paneled Doors
was considered by Warner Brothers and Castle Rock Entertainment.


“It’s an Okay Life” — Comic Book Anthology
A 12-page story about a down-and-out person about to commit suicide and the angel that intervenes.
Published by: MOJO Press (Anthology, Creature Features)

Second Rate Heroes — Series
Called “The raw essence of the super hero genre, fused with the attitude of classic film noir. A heady combination and a splendid book!” by the New York Times News Service, Second Rate Heroes was a series about a group of ordinary people with super powers.
Publisher: Foundation Comics