What is the Best Social Network

What is the Best Social Network

So…Ello. It’s new, and for some reason, even people who said, “I’m tired of more social networks!” jumped onto the new thing.

(Okay, so one person I know declared it ugly and canceled his account not even two hours later. Others have praised it as the most pure thing they’ve seen, free of all that makes “those other,” social sites terrible.)

Battle Lines

I recently saw someone on their preferred social network take a shot at Twitter, saying it is worthless (because, it seems, it didn’t work for them; therefore, we should all join in the hatefest). At the same time — while attending WordCamp DFW last weekend — I heard people talk about business deals, new jobs, and great friendships that came their way…all started through Twitter

Google Plus seems to get knocked quite a bit in online news articles and by others, but despite inflated numbers — when factoring for just active users — there are people using the network. When I tell people I like Google Plus, many just don’t get it. More than that, though…many almost talk about the network as though its mere mention has offended them.

Oh, I tried that for awhile and there was nothing there. It sucked, so I went back to [preferred social network].

Others were not as eloquent:

That place %#@! sucked!

(For me, the Podcasters community alone is worth Google Plus.)

Grrrr!!! Grrr, I Say!

I can understand the pull toward one social network over another, but not the anger or need to say, “My network is better than yours!”

I’m over one month into a break from Facebook. I’m not fond of Facebook. Outside of being in touch with a few friends in other states and countries who don’t use other networks or email, it’s just not my thing. But…just because it’s not my thing, doesn’t mean it can’t be your thing. I know several people who have made businesses take off through Facebook. Just as I’ve seen others do the same with Tumblr, Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, and — I’m sure at some point soon — Ello.

The Sad Fight

If you’re an adult praising one network and knocking others, it’s almost as sad as the iPhone vs. Android, Mac vs. PC, and all those other battles.

It’s not much better than Star Wars vs. Star Trek or Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings. Don’t even get me started on one sports team over another.

I know many people who have made nice livings by what they’ve made on Macs and many others who have made a life for themselves from PCs. I know people who have found ways to make Twitter work for them, and others who have made other networks work for them. They are all people who seem too busy making things happen than to have time becoming angered by what others are doing elsewhere.

It’s sad, really, this anger — and shows a certain insecurity when one feels the need to say the thing that works for them is the best and that all other things just “suck.”

The Best Social Network

The best social network is the one that’s right for you. John Green loves Tumblr, and — chances as — John Green is far more successful than most praising one network over another for business purposes. (If you didn’t rack up millions last year and raise over $300,000 for clean water in Africa in recent weeks, you lose the “Tumblr is useless!” argument.)

I know a photographer who owes the existence of their successful photography business to Facebook; meanwhile, Trey Ratcliff isn’t hurting on Google Plus with his approaching 8 million followers. The writer behind Shit My Dad Says met with more success than many social media “gurus” praising one network over another…and he owes it largely to Twitter.

Others have made a name for themselves on Instagram; Will Sasso is probably more famous than you, and millions of people have watched the things he’s done on Vine.

The point: there is no best social network. Resourceful people have met with success on all networks that have come…and even gone. (MySpace was great for comedians…before they seemed to jump to Twitter.) The best part: the people behind the the success stories don’t seem to feel a burning need to spend time talking about what didn’t work for them with disdain…because they’re too busy enjoying what works for them.


  1. I choose Google+ because it was the closest to real life…with real conversations..easy chat feature…it works with gmail…has an awesome mobile apps…has an achieve (Drive) plus it allows for people searching the Google Search engine for things I can help them find what I am talking about.
    I’ve been on all of the other platforms and spent more than a few minutes on each of them. I have sat with people who say they get more interaction on Twitter only to find they are (and they did not know it) interacting with computer programs and BOT’s.
    So, there is no argument on my part on what is the best social network and I stopped attempting to persuade others that they are wasting their time and effort. That was truly a waste of time and effort.
    What I am concerned with are the people who are looked up to professionally by many who bad mouth Google, Google+ and anyone who uses it. just because Google will not change the platform so it can be manipulated to their advantage. This does not mean Google+ is something anyone in business needs to stay away from. But, people who look up to them are weak and feel that if they question that person’s judgement they will become a social outcast..so they become a disciple of the ‘You’re a fool if you use Google+’ cult.
    Sorry if I got to ranty.

  2. Christopher Gronlund says

    Not ranty at all, Scot. As you know, I’m a big fan of Google Plus. It’s my preferred network overall, although I use Twitter and Tumblr for different things. Twitter serves me publishing news, but it’s not a place where I interact with people as much as Google Plus. Tumblr is a place where I look at cool comic book art and follow a handful of people, but it’s not a place where I communicate. For me, Facebook is a network I can do without. It seems to come with it people from the past who never liked me wanting to be in touch, so I accept and all they do is fume about politicians and other things and…I don’t care if someone is a conservative, liberal, or anarchist, but if all you do is make loud noise…it’s not something I’m interested in hearing. Hell, Facebook is a social network that has made me tired of hearing about even causes I believe in!

    Google Plus, for me, is a nice combination of artists and social media people who aren’t all hype having discussions about the things we do. There is no ranting among the people in my circles; we’re all there to talk about the things we love making and doing — and I love that. There’s room to have a nice discussion and turn it into a video chat or other things. The people who knock it are people who might only want noise and anger from a social network. My experience: it’s the most civil and driven of the networks I use.

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