With the shift to so many digital things, it seems the “e-” prefix can be attached to anything:

e-book, e-commerce, e-trading, e-business, e-signature, e-etc.

As 2014 approaches, I propose a new e-thing:



I’ve written about my experiences taking a 101-day social media break. I even followed up with additional thoughts after returning.

I reread those two blog entries and realized that I’ve been quite e-interrupted since that break (and other breaks I’ve taken from social media — mostly around election seasons).

After coming back, while still making progress on the novel, I started focusing on blogging and other things people say matters if one is going to write. I lost the focus I had during the breaks from social media, and…I decided to write a novella instead. I started a podcast. I started blogging here, again, instead of just at The Juggling Writer.

It’s time for another e-hermitage: a break from being so connected
. Maybe the numbers of the podcast will drop without reminding people on Facebook that a new show is online. Maybe my blog numbers will plummet without reminding people on social media what I’m up to.

I’m okay with that. For me, an e-hermitage is finding Walden in an e-connected world and focusing on what matters most to me: fiction!

The Book

A Magic Life is the best thing I’ve written. It’s surpassed Old Man, now, as my favorite story…and it’s not even complete. I guess it’s probably half complete, and it needs to be fully complete in 2014.

That means stepping back from interruption and keeping the story in my head almost exclusively — rolling scenes around over and over to see the best way they should be presented. I know the advice says I must be available online, and that Twitter, Facebook, and other networks are every bit as important as what we write.

I don’t believe that, though. And I’m not so sure people who care about books on deeper levels than just, “This person has a big following that will buy whatever they churn out!” believe that, either.

So it’s time to wander into the e-woods and build my e-cabin and come out when I’m done with a new book.

I hope people understand.


  1. Although I’ve taken a social media break before (wasn’t it the 100 day one?), I had not intended to do anything like it again really.

    Unfortunately, I ended up getting addicted to FB pages and getting distracted. So now I’m taking a bit of a break to regain focus and get that under control again. To be honest though, this one is harder than the last time… mostly, because I was enjoying the interaction so much (even when chatting slowed down, I didn’t want to miss anything! I was convinced the minute I walked away, I’d miss something fun). Especially since I really don’t get much socializing otherwise! At least it’s going to be a “short” break. 😛 Remind me not to do another one until 2015 though, but hopefully I’ll be able to figure out that confusing balance of juggling art and sewing without getting frustrated and annoyed with either.


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