In Quiet Hours

In Quiet Hours

It’s quiet right now…


Just the way I like it…


The world is still asleep. Everything is still, and the day is full of potential.

A Matter of Time

This time matters. Eyes are opening — some dreading the day that’s ahead; others welcoming it. Some just want to go back to sleep — if smart phones have done nothing else, it makes calling or emailing the boss from bed to tell them you’re “sick” a convenience. Roll back over while everything is still warm and settled to your shape and see if you can get back to that dream where everything was all right

For others: “Just ten more minutes of sleep…” The smell of coffee creeping beneath doors, telling some that it’s okay to rise. Cups raised, resting on chins; savor the smell of morning. The sounds of closing car doors and engines…wheels on pavement and the squeal of bus brakes. Just like that, the world is alive, a humming thing in the darkness of nothing.

It’s Time

It’s time to get moving. Close the Word file and finish this entry. Drag out the work computer and swap places with my own laptop. Log on and jump into the workday, wishing I had just ten more minutes to do my own thing, to keep this moment of silence alive.

If I do nothing else today, I will have at least written this.

Sometimes we spend so much time thinking about the legacy we will leave behind when we’re dead and gone that we don’t think about what we’ll leave behind at the end of the day.