Looking Up

I’ve bumped into quite a few down people lately.

When we chat about it, they feel bad for venting because — with the exception of one month — I’ve been unemployed since December, 2009…

They know I’m uninsured and essentially pay the equivalent of another rent for medication each month…

They know I have a pituitary tumor that leaves me feeling dizzy and cruddy…

Some of the people I’ve chatted with feel like they have no reason to be down, but it’s not a contest.

If they hurt, they hurt…

*          *          *

When I look at the last year of my life, maybe I should be down.

I’ve watched the emergency fund disappear and I don’t know when I’ll find my next job.

My wife isn’t working, either — we’re a zero-income household. (I’m sure we’re not alone.)

When I look at things, though, all I see is a good year.

Here’s why:

  • I see more friends than usual, and I’ve made new friends.
  • I attended two conferences I scheduled while employed.
  • I go for walks whenever I want.
  • I swim.
  • I juggle.
  • I write.
  • I edit.
  • I write some more.
  • I’m about to start podcasting.
  • I’m back to pitching articles.
  • I spend a lot of time with my wife, which has been the best part of this past year.

I have less security than I’ve had in years, but I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

I wish I could help the people I know who are down. I’m sure I’d be very down if I wasn’t doing things I love in between job hunting and taking care of responsibilities. The best I can offer to anybody who’s down is to not just do something you love, but do it consistently!

Doing something you love on a regular basis is the best way I know to avoid the blues.

I can look at my feet and feel sorry for myself, or I can look up knowing I’ve been having the best year of my life because I’m working on things I love, even though they aren’t yet making any money.


  1. Erin McBride says


    Its me! Your prodigal friend from PageNet. I was wondering how you were doing so I decided to look you up.

    I know you didn’t write this blog for sympathy. In fact, I know your intention was probably quite the opposite…maybe to inspire a little hope. But that doesn’t keep me from feeling really bad hearing that you’ve been out of work for so long. I’m sorry and I hope something good comes along soon…whether it a regular job or some freelance work.

    Email me back so we can talk more. I’d really like to hear from you.


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