The Layoff

On the Thursday before Christmas, I was laid off from the job I’ve had for the last five years. The group I was in dodged all previous rounds of layoffs, but that afternoon, they reduced the group I was in [Technical Publications] in half.

I kind of saw this coming; in fact, I helped myself out of the job!

One of the several clients I worked with for years wanted to take over what I did for them. I knew that if I were successful in training them that they would succeed and no longer need my help. No longer needing help meant that my biggest project was gone, and that I was part of the cuts this time.

It’s fine, though: I got to visit Oregon several times and have the satisfaction of helping clients who became friends over the years
. I’ll miss working with them, but I’m glad I helped them grow and become self sufficient.

I know the economy is rough, but I see this as a great opportunity. I understand why the company I worked for had to cut back, and I hope they are able to focus on the clients they have and grow again. It’s a neat little company, and I’m fortunate to have had the opportunities I had there to edit, write, and train people. I made many great friends and learned and taught myself many things.


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