Some of my writing:


Promise: When recently divorced celebrity chef, Ryan Shifflett, moves from Chicago to the town of his boyhood dreams in northern Wisconsin, he realizes Promise isn’t the idyllic town he believed it to be.

Ryan’s lifelong dream becomes a nightmare when he finds out the most hated person in Promise has gone missing, and that the woman he has fallen for is about to leave town. Things get even worse when Ryan barely survives a freak accident that almost kills him

Ryan never regrets his decision to move to Promise. Just as the town’s secrets are about to tear the community apart, Ryan comes up with an idea that brings everybody together—and in the process, finds the one thing his life has always lacked: a sense of belonging. (First 50 pages – PDF file only.)


Fly Me to the Moon: A short story about a homeless man who is convinced he can communicate with the ghosts he believes to live on the moon…if only he can fix a broken radio found in a dumpster.

Looking for Dogs: A short story about a compulsive collector who asks his son to take him to a field where he spotted two Great Danes he wants to take home with him.