Chapter 16 – The Patron Saint of Bingo

With only $5 to their name, the O’Briens hit a bingo hall in the hope that Mary can turn $5 into something more.

*          *          *

Since this is a short chapter, be sure to keep listening after the end credits for a short story called “Gutterball.”

“Gutterball” is a short story about a bulldog with an eating issue. I recorded the story as a test before recording Hell Comes With Wood Paneled Doors.

I’ve mentioned wanting to release Hell Comes With Wood Paneled Doors as an e-book. I also used “Gutterball” to test formatting for the Kindle. You can see what kinds of writing I do when I’m not writing humorous coming-of-age stories here.

*          *          *

Okay, on to this week’s chapter!