Chapter 15 – The Writing on the Wall

A picture of a Stuckey's sign I took near the Missouri/Arkansas border.

Is Lucky alive or dead? What happens when the O’Briens make a stop at Stuckey’s? And more important: what happens after the Stuckey’s stop?

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Giveaway Results!

The results are in!

While my wife and I visited my mom on her birthday today (Elvis’s birthday would have been on January 8, too!), we let my mom go to to select the winners of the giveaway.

The winners:

I’ll be in touch with the winners in a day or so for shipping information.

I had so much fun with the giveaway, I may do another one before this is all over. (Seven chapters to go!)

Don’t Forget Facebook

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It’s a great place to keep up with podcast news and other things I have planned for the story, so please stop by and Like it.

All righty, then — here we go!

3 thoughts on “Chapter 15 – The Writing on the Wall

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  2. OMG!! I certainly remember Stuckey’s. How we looked forward to stopping there. We would have either breakfast or lunch depending on how far it was from our motel. I always got a praline AND a pecan roll, plus we got to get sodas to bring with us. (Our trips were about the only time we kids were allowed sodas) We would also stock up on comic books and puzzles fort the next leg of the trip. Wow. What a ‘blast from the past’.

    Oh, and yes, an ebook please! I also emailed you my contact info,as I haven’t gotten an email from you as yet.(Hope that was OK)

    I enjoyed this episode too. Thanks.


  3. Carolina,

    I used to get soooooooooooooo excited at the site of a Stuckey’s on road trips. I can’t remember if it was my sister or step brother, but one of them always got pralines, too. I was all about the pecan roll.

    I used to love stopping off an buying comic books, too. At home, I read super hero comic books, but on the road, I read a lot of Disney comics (and other comics based on cartoons). I loved the way comics used to be packaged in three-packs on the road.

    I’m glad you enjoyed this episode and the mention of Stuckey’s. I got your e-mail and replied; I hope you enjoy the CD when it arrives. Not only is Pirato Ketchup a great band, they’re a nice bunch of guys.

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