Welcome, Belgium!

To all the new visitors visiting roadtripfromhell.com from Belgium: if my high school French allowed me to say more than just “Je m’appele Christophe. Je suis américain. J’habite au Texas,” or had I picked up more Flemish from the foreign exchange student from Belgium in my school 23 years ago, I’d give you all a proper thank you!

Instead, the best I can do is say thank you for checking out roadtripfromhell.com, and letting you know how much I adore Belgian ales and Pirato Ketchup…en anglais. (Seriously, a visit to Belgium is very high on my list of wonderful places I want to see!)

I hope you like what’s here, and I promise to do all I can to promote the best Belgian surf band on the planet! 🙂

– Christopher