Where do you meet?
The DJA meets at the Denia Recreation Center, located at 1001 Parvin Street in Denton, Texas. Look for us in Room A, at the back of the center, or outside near the entrance when the weather's nice. [DIRECTIONS]

When do you meet?
We meet Tuesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:30.

Do I have to know how to juggle in order to to visit the DJA?
Absolutely not! The DJA exists to share and spread the joy of juggling to anybody with an interest in the art.

Can you teach me how to juggle?
Not only can we teach you how to juggle, we'll gladly teach you how to juggle! We all have to start somewhere and there's no better way to learn than among a group of friendly jugglers. Juggling is not as hard as people think; within no time we'll have even the most clumsy novice juggling with confidence.

Will I actually be able to learn how to juggle?
Most people think juggling takes the hand/eye coordination of an ambidextrous, life long member of a circus--this is so far from the truth. Most people are able to learn the basic juggling pattern (the cascade), within a couple visits. Some members of the DJA are far from graceful when it comes to many things, but those wanting to learn will usually surprise themselves with how fast they catch on.

Do I need my own juggling equipment?
No, you don't need your own equipment. We always have enough spare props to teach others how to juggle, or allow those who wish to try new props the chance to give them a spin before buying some of their own.

I don't want to juggle--can I just come by and watch?
Of course. But don't be surprised if you're bitten by the juggling bug and find yourself giving it a whirl.

How big is the DJA?
We all have everyday living to attend to and the size of the group fluctuates. There have been times only Rodney's shown up, and times we look like a circus.

Does the DJA charge membership dues?
No, we do not charge membership dues.

I need jugglers for an event. Are you available?
Many of the jugglers with the DJA are hobbyists, content with attending meetings and simply having fun, but we do have some experienced members open to performing. Contact Rodney Barton for more information.

Can you juggle torches/knives/chainsaws?
While no member of the DJA has juggled chainsaws, there are those who would probably welcome the opportunity. Several members can juggle torches, knives, and other dangerous items, but it's usually reserved for scheduled performances--not something we do at regular meetings.

Thanks for answering my questions--do you have any for me?
Just one: why haven't you stopped by?